Über die Kraft der 140 Zeichen

Auf Deutsch. Ich denke, dass meine Twitterthesen ein Nerve gestrucken haben. How do Germans even fit their language into what they call a Kurznachrichtendienst (“short-news-service”)?

In the interest of fairness and balance, I quote below a comment from the Frankfurter Allgemeine website, translation brought to you by Google:

Professor obviously follows Twitter's boring and humorless normals. Twitter is incomprehensibly funny outside these areas. For example, when once again a hashtag is brought to the head, which in itself simply represents a parody and a troll of the Zeitgeist and the normal news, as for example the last-week #HeterosexualPrideDay - gorgeous. Or the political equivalent of the flying spaghettimonster and the memes made from it. Better than anything on TV and in newspapers where "wit" is offered.