What do the presidential candidates think are the limits on presidential power?

The major presidential candidates refused to answer Savage’s survey of their views about executive power. Why not? They did in 2011 and 2007. The survey was designed from the beginning to force candidates to acknowledge limits on their power if elected. Savage, like most commentators, has persuaded himself that Americans think that presidents have too much power. He made his name by documenting Bush-era executive-power abuses, and he has just published a book about Obama’s abuses as well. But it seems to be dawning on him that Americans want limits on executive power only when they don’t like the president in office. Today, Republicans complain about presidential power; eight years ago, Democrats complained. The opposition is tactical, skin-deep, which is why serious limitations on executive power—either self-imposed in response to public opinion, or imposed by the other branches—will not take place anytime soon. Americans want a strong president to solve their problems, and the candidates know this.